Saturday, 6 August 2011

Chittorgarh Durg Is The Famous Durg In India,Chittorgarh city tour in India built by Maharaja Fateh Singh in 1920

To speak of ancient cities of Rajasthan (India), we can clearly mention Chittorgarh located on the river Beracha, the banks hold the remains of the largest fort of Chittorgarh. Getting to play the role of Mewar kingdom's capital, but the ruins of Chittorgarh becoming a very special place in the hearts of Rajputs (warrior caste Indians), it was here where he lived the Maurya dynasty (eighth century BC ), very famous because the battlefield has made important victories against his . Chittorgarh city tour in India

Along with the strength Chittaur are large palaces. Many of the palaces there are no traces of the Mongols over you or just the inexorable passage of time. Monuments that we visit are the "Tower of Victory" of 37 feet and 9 floors exiquitas carved figures, the "Tower of Fame" a little lower than the previous one, 22 meters high and 7 floors and these two palaces of Rana Kumbha and Fateh Prakash among many others, who will discuss them later.

Rana Kumbha's palace is in ruins but has a historical and architectural special. Preserves the elephant stables and horses, and a temple in honor of Shiva. For his part, Fateh Prakash Palace was built by Maharaja Fateh Singh in 1920. It currently houses the Government Museum


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